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Hello my friends,

Here are some suggestions to help reduce the symptoms of COVID-19:

1. Get plenty of rest. It is your time to repair. It is important to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

If you have difficulty sleeping, please get yourself a forced air or water diffuser (never use heat) and diffuse organic, GMO free essential oils, such as Ylang Ylang, and or Lavandula Angustifolia (French Lavender). Please use only high quality oils.

As a side note, Eucalyptus is also a great oil to have on hand, as it has anti-viral properties.

2. Get yourself some Manuka Honey. Take a teaspoon a day. Manuka honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Let it dissolve in you mouth and do not eat or drink for at least a 1/2 hour. Do not ever put honey into boiling water (it becomes an arsenic).

3. Vitamin-C is very important. I personally take C-Salts. It is a high dose vitamin C supplement. If you want specifics on dosing please message me.

4. Vitamin D3 with K2. Please check you levels with your physician before taking this supplement. It is fat soluble vitamin, so take only when required. Most of us are deficient but it is important to know your levels through getting your blood tested before taking.

5. Eat plenty of Organic Carrots. Vitamin A has shown to have great anti-viral benefits.

6. Elderberry and Zinc- This has always been the gold standard when taking natural remedies in regards to viruses. You must be careful not to overdo this. Elderberry should not be taken by people with MS and certain autoimmune disorders. It increases your immune response. It can cause cytokine storm, so take with caution.

7. Meditate: it is very important to reduce stress by meditating. As we all know stress is the number one reason why many people become ill. Try to meditate at least 15 minutes, 2 times a day. Once in the am and once in the pm. I promise you will feel a difference. Please inbox me if you need help learning how to meditate. You can always try guided meditation on YouTube to see if you resonate with any of the videos.

8. Pranayama: this form of breathing is very important to make your lungs strong. Download a free app to start your practice. It is life changing! It helps oxygenate every cell in your body.

9. Eat healthy, nutritious foods. It is important to eat organic and GMO free. I personally subscribe and recommend a plant based diet. The darker the vegetables and fruits the more vitamins and minerals they have. The healthiest nuts to eat are walnuts, almonds, filberts, and brazil nuts.

10. Drink filtered, room temperature water. It is important to keep hydrated. If you do get a sore throat it is important to drink room temperature water consistently throughout the day. This is done to help move the virus from the throat into the digestive tract where it can be destroyed by the stomach acids instead of the ending up in the lungs.

11. Stay positive. It is important to stay grounded and keep calm. Having a positive mind will only help you.

“What you consume you become. Body, mind, and spirit.”

Hope this information is helpful to you. Please reach out if you have any questions. Stay safe!

Love and Light!


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