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What is Health & Wellness Therapy?

Wellness Therapy can include discussions about anything that impacts your health, fitness, and general well-being. The five main areas that a Wellness Therapy can help with are: fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight, and other health-related issues. Wellness Therapy can help you to eat healthier, get fitter, and increase your daily energy. The main focus with Wellness Therapy is to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes, not to provide quick fixes.

How Does it Work?

First, you'll sit down with your health and wellness therapist over the phone or in person. The sessions will range from 15 minutes to an hour. During that time you'll talk about what you want to accomplish. Through the questions your therapist asks, together you'll define your goals and the challenges that could stand in your way. Then you'll outline the steps you'll need to take to achieve those goals.You'll have homework assignments -- things to think about or do between therapy sessions to work toward your goals. You might need to write in a journal or create "action plans" of things you want to accomplish.Your health and wellness therapist will offer support and guidance along the way. And your therapist will hold you accountable for achieving your goals. You'll work with your therapist for a period of a few months or longer. The time frame depends on how often you meet and what you're hoping to accomplish.

Why choose Health and Wellness Therapy?

There are many reasons. For instance, you might consider looking for one if you:

  • Need some guidance on moving forward in your career

  • Want to learn how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents

  • Don't know what to do about a major life decision, such as a move or promotion

  • Don't have an acceptable work-life balance

  • Have a lot of stress

  • Aren't as healthy as you'd like to be

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