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What is Cryxon?

Cryxon® is the first complex device that combines the beneficial effects of crystal, color and light therapy which have been known because of their positive, healing effects for thousands of years. The human organs are vibrating at different frequencies. In case of tiredness or illness, this frequency drops. With our device we can increase the level of the sick body part’s frequency back to normal and with the help of crystals, colors and lights it supports the sick body towards self-healing process. Its specialities are the fully digital control, the seven selectable color therapies and the five different interchangeable crystal heads. Cryxon® is suitable for maintaining health as well as for using it as a complementary device to conventional medical treatments.

How Does it Work?

The benefits of crystal, color and light therapy have been well documented for thousands of years. This type of alternative treatment has been known to heal a variety of ailments, treat depression and maintain good health. Crystal, color and light therapy can also be utilized as an adjunct to traditional medicine. Albert Sarospataki, a scientist and inventor with other co-developers from Hungary, has developed a hand-held, portable device that combines the healing power of all three therapies. It’s the Cryxon® crystal lamp. The Cryxon® crystal lamp features five different interchangeable crystal heads: amethyst, citrine, rock crystal, rose quartz and smoky quartz. By using different crystals, the lamp can produce all the chakra colors, further increasing its healing capabilities.

What is the Cryxon crystal lamp used for?

The applicability of the device is very wide when used to increase one's health and wellness.  This device can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment for the following:

• Chakra Balancing

• Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

• Immunologic 

• Inflammation

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