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Colon Cancer/Integrative Nutrition

Updated: May 5, 2020

In July of 2018, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to have colon resection surgery, and chemotherapy. In May of 2019, I was told I was cancer free. That next December I was told I had a tumor and surgery was not an option. I had to go through chemo again. The 1st chemo went ok but by the 2nd round I became very sick. I was extremely nauseous and couldn't eat. I just wasn't hungry and my anxiety was very bad. Dr. Zedalis recommended an herb, and at first I was hesitant because I never tried this before. Thanks to Dr. Zedalis I tried it and it worked! My nausea was gone, I was eating again, and I felt so relaxed. My feelings of anxiety went away. It was the best decision I made. Thank You Dr. Zedalis.

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