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Connective Tissue Disorder/Anti-inflammatory Diet

Updated: May 6, 2020

After years of chronic joint and soft tissue pain, I sought help from a Rheumatologist. After finding no relief after 6 months of care for a diagnosis of chronic enthesitis, he suggested a chemotherapy medication to “knock it out”. I was warned that this drug could cause irreparable damage to my eyes so I decided against it, and resigned myself to living with chronic pain. After discussing this with Dr. Zedalis, she suggested that a change in my diet may offer some relief. She suggested going on an anti-inflammatory diet for three months to see if it helps. I figured it was better than the possibility of losing my vision so I committed myself to give it a try. I was focused on omitting everything that was considered inflammatory and within three weeks I found relief! After the full three months, my pain was reduced to almost nothing. I gradually began adding foods back to determine what the cause of my pain was, and found it to be foods that contained gluten. I am forever thankful that Dr. Zedalis helped me live pain free and that I am able to keep my eyesight!

Susan B. - Long Island, New York

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